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Press Release Candidacy Announcement - Monday, July 28, 2014


Press Release Candidacy Announcement

July 28th, 2014

I am announcing my candidacy for Douglas County Commissioner, position #3. This is the seat which has been vacated by Doug Robertson.

Two years ago I ran for the same seat, against Doug Robertson, but for different reasons than I am now. During the 2012 race my intention was primarily to use my candidacy as a bully pulpit to argue for public support for increased timber harvesting on O&C lands. That endeavor was hugely successful, and today, for the first time in over thirty years we have achieved broad support amongst the general public, the media, and our entire Oregon state and federal legislatures for just such an increase.

Today I am running for a different purpose, but for no less of an important reason; to be the county commissioner who restructures the county’s economic development programs. It is clear that over the last few years, efforts to realign the county’s economic development policies, have largely been unsuccessful.

The county still ranks poorly in just about every imaginable economic statistic which is measured. Further, the county lacks vision and leadership on this issue, which, if not addressed, means more years will be wasted, and more lives will be lost fumbling about without a clear strategy.

I have a vision of a more prosperous county, and a plan to get us there.

I envision a county with dozens of new industrial businesses, employing between fifty and five-hundred workers each, being established over the next five years. A county where the unemployment rate is brought below six percent –and remains below six percent. A county where the average life expectancy is above the national average.

I have a plan which calls for a restructuring of the Industrial Development Board, as well as The Partnership, and the creation of a team of recruiters whose job it will be to scour the nation for the best entrepreneurs who have already succeeded in making the leap from small business owners to medium sized family wage paying employers.

Prior initiatives have simply been off the mark. They have either targeted the wrong types and sizes of businesses, the wrong class of owners, or have simply been poorly executed, lacking the structure of the recruiting team that I am advocating we put into the field.

I know that this can be done, and I know that I’m the one to get it done, and I strongly believe that it will not get done otherwise.

You may contact me directly at (541) 375-0880, or by using one of the following methods:


Thank you,
Mark Garcia

News Review Guest column: Let’s help economy by recruiting successful entrepreneurs - Monday, July 28, 2014

Without dissent, the economy in Douglas County remains dire. Two facts are obvious to all: Douglas County is receiving fewer and fewer dollars each year to fund county services; and individual prosperity, on average, continues to diminish.

This is in contrast to what much of the state and much of the nation is experiencing. While Oregon and the U.S. continue to struggle economically, within Oregon, Douglas County ranks near the bottom in most economic indicators. In other words, Douglas County is an economically failed county, ranking in the hardest one-third of the U.S. to live. Read the rest of the guest column at the News Review.

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